Jeymoon fashionista: Gloria Reali.

Jeymoon fashionista: Gloria Reali.

Being a fashionista in the jewelry world is a passion that can easily arise when you live immersed in beauty and grow with your professional activity in an industry full of gold and precious.  

Gloria Reali, Venetian, born in 1986 is the clear expression of this passion that becomes a real job when you manage to create a unicum of taste, style and elegance in the things you propose. 

Jewelry Brunch is a beautiful example of this unicum in the bijoux collections, based on the simplicity of everyday life and jewelery ready-to-wear.

Gloria Reali is also the creator of Venetian Mirror, an introspective brand dedicated to fashion jewelery, strongly linked to the City of Venice and Made in Italy. 

Begin to forget the time of the pandemic! 2021 will be the year of creative women and new professions that are changing the way people decide to buy and wear jewelry.